After only 3 days with the program we saw a big change. It wasn’t the easiest change at first, but to our satisfaction, that finally after 15 months we could all get more than 6 hours straight sleeping. And from 5 to 10 days in the program our son could sleep for a whole night. It has changed a lot for us. ~ Lova

Courtney was my guide to back to sleep. As a new mom I didn’t know anything about the right sleep patterns of an infant. With her knowledge and schedule the whole house, including the dog, is sleeping better. Thanks for being so patient and helping find the right solution for my baby’s sleeping problem. ~ Tristan

After completing our Happy Sleep Plan, we did see amazing results. Our child was not only falling asleep on her own, but also sleeping though the night. My husband and I finally had some much needed down time in the evenings, and wonderful restful nights of sleep. I cannot thank Courtney enough for helping our family resolve such a difficult situation that we had endured for so long. Courtney has continued to support us by providing excellent advice when we have travelled internationally, and also during a developmental sleep regression. With absolutely no reservation, I offer my recommendation of Courtney. ~Alexandra

Courtney has been very helpful, understanding and supportive when guiding us through sleep training our son. We were all so sleep deprived but now we are so much more rested and happier knowing we can sleep through the night! We recommend her warmly! ~Ana

To all sleep deprived parents out there- contact Courtney! She’s been so helpful to us and our beauty sleep, but mostly for our daughter. She’s 11 months now and she sleeps like an angel 12 hours per night. We all have so much more energy to play and do stuff during the day. More quality time for all of us! ~Lotta

I was fortunate enough to hear about Courtney while pregnant, she really helped me in managing my expectations with my little one before I delivered. I knew what to expect before he came into our lives! It was much easier for me to understand what he is going through and take it one step at a time. Courtney was always there when I needed her, very responsive and gave me the right advice when I needed it! I love that Courtney’s approach is adaptive to every different child, she would always here what I am going through in details, asks the right questions and gives me the assurance I needed. Your first baby is always a lovely but shocking experience especially as a working mom! I was really blessed to have this support when I needed it! Thank you, Courtney ❤️ ~Maisoun

Our family moved to Sweden 12 months ago. The impact on our kids was much greater than I expected – the most pronounced being with their sleep. Courtney was invaluable at helping us reset the clock and help our little people to find their proper slumber again. I just put my 20-month-old to bed by giving him a bath, reading a book and finishing with a kiss. He now sleeps 11 hours a night and 2.5/3 hours a day. We travel a lot but we find that if we stick to the routines Courtney showed us, they get the sleep cues that they need. Thanks,Courtney for all your help! ~Lisa

We got in contact with Courtney because we were having issues with our infants sleeping. He refused to sleep during the day which made him very tired and cranky. Courtney really helped us set up great routines to get him to sleep on a schedule during the day. Courtney’s input was a life saver for us and I would recommend anyone who is having difficulties with their babies sleep to get in contact with Courtney. ~Sofi

We are extremely satisfied with the guidance we received from Courtney. Before our baby was born, she gave us valuable preparation info on baby sleep routines, and once our baby was 8 weeks we used her consulting directly. Thanks to her help our baby slept through the night by 5 months! And he continues to keep great sleep habits. -Sofia and Jakob

We got Courtney’s help and it’s literally night and day now. All three of us sleep restfully at night and are awake and happy during the day. Baby has recently started the transition to one nap a day, and thanks to Courtney’s guidance and explanations of “why” and “how,” we have been able to identify patterns and discuss how we want to react. Her help has already extended beyond the initial couple weeks that we were in regular contact with her. ~ Maria

Words cannot describe how much my wife and I appreciate Courtney! We got in touch with her when our daughter was about 9 months old. Nights had become a nightmare and we were two sorry and sleep deprived souls. Courtney worked with us and our daughter and developed a unique sleep program that saw our baby go from waking up every 30 minutes to sleeping for 12 hours straight. I cannot stress this enough: it was night and day, pure and simple. As a result, my wife and I are both happier (and more well rested) and, more importantly, our daughter is happier, healthier and growing faster. I will also say it doesn’t stop there. While Courtney’s primary focus is of course on getting your child to sleep well, she’s been a continuous support throughout our daughter’s development, and you can tell she is passionate about helping babies and toddlers sleep better and in turn develop faster! ~Thomas

We heard about Courtney from some friends and we contacted her because nobody at home was sleeping well. At first, I was skeptical, because I thought that I was not going to be able to follow all the process and I could not think of letting my child alone. However, and even I still miss sleeping with him in the same bed, I can assure that Courtney’s method is amazing and was the best solution for our family: In less than a week, our baby was sleeping in his own bed, in his own room and almost 12 hours in a row! Of course, it was difficult, but Courtney really provided all the information and support we needed. Besides, she is super nice! Thank you, Courtney, for giving us a happy sleeping! ~Felipe, Val and Gonza.

Courtney’s sleep plan is fantastic! We highly recommend all families with sleep issues to get in touch with Courtney – don’t put up with 5 years of disturbed sleep, like we did. Courtney has the key! We contacted Courtney with an open mind but was not entirely convinced that anyone could solve our sleep difficulties. Our son was waking up many times throughout the night and screaming to be comforted back to sleep, which we did for 5 long years. Courtney observed (during a home visit) and listened to what was going on during the night at our place and then crafted a sleep plan tailored to our son. We followed the plan and by the end of the 10 days, Oliver was sleeping throughout the night. Such a success! Courtney identify our problem – that we had become our sons prop during his night wakings – and equipped us with the tools for being able to teach him to self-settle. We couldn’t be happier with the result. What a difference a good night sleep makes! Thanks Courtney! ~Catherine

We were the parents who stopped talking to parents with babies who complained about their baby having a ‘bad night’ after he/she woke twice during the night, since to us that was a dream night. Our baby developed a habit of waking every hour or so sometimes even more frequently wanting to be fed back to sleep. We were at fault for allowing this to continue for as long as we did. We spent countless months reading and arguing from week to week what method we would try this time!! Until finally we smartened up and realized we were not sleep experts and reached out to Courtney. To be honest we were a bit skeptical to begin with as we were deeply concerned to do anything that may damage our happy little baby. Today however we are sold. Our baby sleeps from 7pm through until – at least 6am every night without us needing to soothe her at all. She has learned the best habit she can have for life . To self soothe. It was very hard the first two – six weeks but if you stick to the plan 100% it’s worth it. ~Claire

I went to Courtney’s free seminar on baby sleep, it was informative and well presented. I would recommend anyone not getting enough sleep to meet with Courtney. ~Emma

Working with Courtney has been a game changer for us. Like other sleep deprived mothers, I had read tons of material online, talked to several doctors and other professionals, tried various methods and even retained another sleep coach. Nothing worked! Although we’re not at the finish line yet, the improvement in our baby’s sleeping habits has been tremendous and we can finally see the end of the tunnel.

What we appreciate in particular with Courtney is that her advice is not only age appropriate, it’s also customized to fit our baby’s personality and temperament (which actually makes a big difference). Her response time is very short and her advice always concrete. Best of all, it actually works! My only regret is that it took me 6 months to find Courtney. ~Nina