Babies sleep when they need to sleep.... right?

Understanding your child’s sleep (or lack of sleep) is not as easy as it sounds! There are many factors that go into understanding your child’s sleep and luckily, you’ve found Happy Sleeping Baby to guide you and your baby to healthy and happy sleep.

Expecting to babies 6 months old

You can never know enough when expecting a baby. Here you will learn how you can help your baby sleep their best from the start. You’ll understand when your baby is tired, how to develop healthy sleep skills from an early age, and so much more.

6 Months and Older

Healthy sleep habits make for happy children! If your child isn’t sleeping well it impacts their health and the whole family’s health too. Learn how to get Happy Sleep at any age!

“Courtney was my guide to back to sleep.  As a new mom I didn’t know anything about the right sleep patterns of an infant. With her knowledge and schedule the whole house, including the dog, is sleeping better. Thanks for being so patient and helping find the right solution for my baby’s sleeping problem. ”

– Tristan Geisler

2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, Skeleton

Not Quite Sure?

Figuring out your baby’s sleep can be an exhausting task. That’s why I guide you through the process so you don’t have to spend days or months struggling. Have a question? Click below and schedule a free 15 min call or send me a message!