Are you a tired parent and wonder why your baby doesn’t sleep for long stretches of time?  Or are you rocking your baby to sleep only to have them wake right back up once you put them down?

Happy Sleep Workbook!

Your Happy Sleep Workbook helps you understand your child’s sleep and help improve it!   Within the workbook you’ll find information about how sleep works in our bodies, sleep tasks to empower you as a parent, and help you to understand your child’s sleep.  Within this workbook you will be guided through the most important parts of understanding sleep, you will learn about emotional regulation, stress for a baby, awake windows, building the right bedtime routine, correct room environment, and get how-to’s on solving your child’s sleep. There isn’t one magical solution to help your baby sleep but this workbook will guide you through your child’s sleep and help to build the puzzle of sleep for happier nights!

You can order Your Happy Sleep Workbook for 220 kr ($22) 

Niklas Laninge, psychologist, founder of Daily Bits Of and parent of two

“I am so happy that we have Courtney share her expertise on our platform. “Two Weeks to Better Baby Sleep” is honestly one of the best courses we have on the platform. Why? Because it’s a perfect mix of hands-on advice, exercises that you will have time for (a challenge for new parents) that yield results and inspiring, but not overwhelming, facts on sleep. And the best part is the tone of the course. You really feel that what you are going through is normal, however challenging, and that is completely accepted to sometimes feel overwhelmed. I have nothing against parenting books but Courtney’s way of going to the core and focusing on what gets effect worked so much better for us than reading a book.”

Niklas Laninge,

psychologist, founder of Daily Bits Of and parent of two