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Starting Preschool (Part 1) – Tips on how to prepare for preschool or daycare

Starting preschool or daycare (if you are in Sweden it’s förskola) is a big leap for both you and your child. It will come with big emotions for both of you but helping them to prepare for the transition with ease the changes ahead. It’s never too early to help your child make an adjustment! Providing them with an easier transition helps strengthen the bond and trust between you both.

Why Temperament is Important for Your Child’s Sleep?

Just like adults, babies have different temperaments. Some are laid back and happy most of the time; others can be prone to frequent tantrums. Some babies enjoy a peaceful environment; others feel more comfortable when there is noise around. You may not realize, but the type of temperament that your little one has can affect their sleep, as well as having an effect on any sleep training that you provide.

I’m an “attachment parent” and a sleep consultant

I’m an “attachment parent” and a sleep consultant. I nursed my daughter until she was over 2 years old and I’m responsive to her needs but, she also sleeps through the night in her own room. So, what is attachment parenting exactly? Let’s talk about what this means because many people would read this and not understand how being a sleep consultant would allow me to be an attachment parent and nurse for an extended period of time. I was actually an attachment parent before I even knew what the term meant because that’s just what seemed right to me!

I understand a tired mom’s frustration.

I’ve been in a tired mom’s slippers.  I understand the frustration about conflicting advice in baby books, especially about sleep.  Before I had my daughter, I thought babies slept when they were tired.  I heard from several friends about how much their baby slept in the newborn stage; going off of these comments I planned to continue MBA classes two months after her birth figuring that I had plenty of time to read while she slept!