Pre-Baby Preparation to 6 Months Old

You can never know enough when expecting a baby.

Below are sleep plans and support services to help you understand your baby’s sleep and help you navigate life with a new baby.

Sleep Plans

Happy Sleep Guide

This option is best for expectant parents and up to babies 6 months old. But this a great option for any age to start the right routines and understand sleep! Receive age appropriate schedules for feeding and sleep to guide your new baby to healthy and happy sleep. Sleep is the most important ingredient for growing babies!

What you’ll receive:

  • 90-minute consult to explain sleep cycles, sleep stages, routines, developmental times, setting up for sleep, answer questions, and so much more (via Skype or In-Home option (extra cost))
  • We’ll also cover ideal routines for your newborn as they grow, how to handle the first weeks, and what to really expect within the first year, for example, what does “sleeping through the night” really mean?
  • Three follow-up e-mails within six months

2,500 SEK / $270(incl. VAT)

Happy Sleep Support Plans

Sleep Support is best for babies 6 months and under, but can work well at any age. This will provide you with guidance as to how to make changes, when to make changes, and sleep “homework” for you to work on at your pace. You’ll receive guidance for your child’s age and situation and will work on what fits your family. *This option does not include a Happy Sleep Plan with step-by-step guidance but more of an option for slower changes. If you have a child over 6 months, please understand that slower changes don’t always mean easier changes for your child. Schedule a free 15-minute call to discuss which option is best for your family.

6 months of support:

  • Eight 30-minute phone calls
  • 12 support emails
  • Four day and night schedules
  • Age appropriate routines
  • Guidance and support!

3,950 SEK / $420


3 months of support:

  • Four 30-minute phone calls
  • 6 support emails
  • Two day and night schedules
  • Age appropriate routines
  • Guidance and support!

2,600 SEK / $279


1 month of support:

  • Two 15-minute calls
  • Two  emails
  • One age schedule
  • and of course guidance and support

995 SEK / $105

30 minute call

Need some answers to your questions regarding sleep or just some guidance on what to do for a routine?  

During a 30-minute call we will:

  • Review your initial evaluation questionnaire
  • Discuss your questions in detail
  • Receive professional advice, support and recommendations
  • One support email to review or adjust recommendations (valid for 1 month after the call)
  • Cost of the call will apply to any sleep plan upgrade!

750 SEK / $80

In-Home Support:

Receive recommendations for your child’s room, a chance for Courtney to meet and understand your child better for more personalized support, receive a more individualized review of the sleep plan, and receive a hard copy of your sleep plan.  Available in the Stockholm area.  Travel outside of Stockholm will be extra depending on the distance.

*Does not include bedtime support.*

1,000 SEK


E-mail or Phone Support

Support add-on is valid for one year after purchase and perfect for road bumps along the way, questions, regressions, or travel!

One email
$10 / 100 SEK

30-minute call
$30 / 255 SEK

3 support e-mails or two 30 minute calls
$65 / 655 SEK

6 support e-mails or three 30 minute calls
$85 / 855 SEK

Text Support

Text support from bedtime to 10 pm and 8 am until 10 am (times may vary depending on time zones)

Offers a great compliment to any plan because it provides extra support during times of uncertainty.
275 SEK / $30

Bedtime Support

  • Need to know if your bedtime routine is right for your child?
  • Curious about your child’s room atmosphere?
  • Or wondering how to handle putting your child to sleep?
  • Receive assistance for one night starting 30 minutes before bedtime until 10 pm.

2,000 SEK