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“Happily ever after … becoming parents” – what happens to your marriage after the baby arrives

Guest post by Polya Rosin, Sweden’s #1 Relationship Strategist To have a child is a miracle, right? I doubt there is a mom out there who could name a bigger source of joy and love than her kids. Most couples dream of the day when they become parents, take birthing classes, read parenting books. And

Starting Preschool (Part 2) – What to expect

Check out Part 1 – Tips on how to prepare for preschool if you haven’t read it yet! First, as your child adjusts to this new life as a preschooler, don’t over schedule yourself during the first month! If you are stressed with your schedule your child will also feel this along with needed extra

Starting Preschool (Part 1) – Tips on how to prepare for preschool or daycare

Starting preschool or daycare (if you are in Sweden it’s förskola) is a big leap for both you and your child. It will come with big emotions for both of you but helping them to prepare for the transition with ease the changes ahead. It’s never too early to help your child make an adjustment!

Why Temperament is Important for Your Child’s Sleep?

Just like adults, babies have different temperaments. Some are laid back and happy most of the time; others can be prone to frequent tantrums. Some babies enjoy a peaceful environment; others feel more comfortable when there is noise around. You may not realize, but the type of temperament that your little one has can affect

Training Your Baby to Sleep – How Does It Work?

The concept of training a baby to sleep may sound a little strange to you as a parent. Surely, a child should enjoy and benefit from natural sleep, rather than be trained. That’s what I thought in the beginning too!  Then I had a baby who needed help understanding when it was time to sleep

Happy Sleep Testimonials — Read a few of the latest posts here!

Here are a few of the newest Happy Sleep Testimonials right here!  Just think, you too could be enjoying better sleep! “Courtney was my guide to back to sleep.  As a new mom I didn’t know anything about the right sleep patterns of an infant. With her knowledge and schedule the whole house, including the

Meet Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney Landin.  I became a certified infant and child sleep specialist because I learned first-hand why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique.  I know it sounds funny, but it wasn’t at the time and if you are experiencing it, you know what I mean.  Throughout my training I have learned that