About Me

Baby sleep can be rather confusing, I know because I struggled for too many months with my daughter!  I had read all I could read about babies so, I thought I was prepared.  Oh how wrong I was and shocked when we struggled with sleep.  After months of midnight Google-ing sessions, I was at my wits-end and got help.  (You can read my full story below)

From my exerience, I learned so much more about sleep and why what I was trying wasn’t working.  I also realized that I wanted to help parents just like myself understand their baby’s sleep.  So, here I am and loving what I do for parents like you.

My Education

  • Certified Sleep Science Coach
  • Certified baby sleep consultant course (three-month coaching and mentor program)
  • Association of Professional Sleep Consultants member
  • Infant Mental Health Courses to provide you with the best knowledge about your baby
  • Personal Trainer – Certified American Council on Exercise
  • Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • Pre and Post Natal Diastasis and Core Consultant
  • Nutritionist
  • Currently studying to become a Child Nutrition Advisor
  • Two-time Olympian in luge for the U.S.A (2002, 2006)
  • MBA

My Sleep Philosophy

My sleep philosophy is that healthy sleep habits start at an early age and yes, babies can learn how to sleep well! Children’s bodies need sleep to function, develop, and grow. Healthy sleep habits make for healthy children and a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

All support and plans at Happy Sleeping Baby are science-backed yet, adapted to the individual needs of each family, and always parent assisted, which means you’ll be helping your child learn the skill of sleep. Sleep is a puzzle and I’m here to help you understand and put that sleep puzzle together to have Happy Sleep!

My sleep education

My interest in sleep began when I was an Olympic athlete competing for the United States (under my maiden name of Courtney Zablocki). For more than 16 years I raced down an icy track competing in the sport of Luge. I travelled the world, competing in World Cups, multiple World Championship races, and then in 2002 and 2006, the Olympic Games. During this time, I started learning how important sleep is for rejuvenation for the mind and body, but it wasn’t until I had little ‘T’ did I fully understand the importance of sleep! Man, do I wish I had slept more when I was younger!


I’m not sure where and how to start getting my child sleeping better. What do I do?

The first step is to contact me and we can discuss what your main concerns are and how to start with The Happy Sleep Plan. Every baby and child is different and that’s why one method doesn’t work for every child. You can contact me by scheduling your free 15 minute consultation by clicking on the highlighted text, send me an email at Courtney@LivingHealthyHappy.com or by filling out the form below. No matter how you contact me, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours or less so we can get started on better sleep for you and your child!