About me

Baby sleep can be rather confusing, I know because I struggled for too many months with my daughter! I had read all I could read about babies so, I thought I was prepared. Oh, how wrong I was and shocked when we struggled with sleep. After months of midnight Google-ing sessions, I was at my wits-end and got help. (You can read my full story below)

From my education and experience with working with parents, I learned so much more about sleep and why what I was trying wasn’t working. I also realized that I wanted to help parents who were struggling to understand their baby’s sleep just like I had. So, here I am and loving what I do for parents like you.

As a Family Health Coach, I not only specialize in sleep, but also in exercise and nutrition because these are our foundations for a healthy life. You can learn more about how I help train women during pregnancy and afterwards, help the whole family get moving, and how to fill our bodies with nutritious food over at www.LivingHealthyHappy.com

My sleep philosophy is that healthy sleep habits start at an early age and yes, babies can learn how to sleep well! Children’s bodies need sleep to function, develop, and grow. Healthy sleep habits make for healthy children and a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

All support and plans at Happy Sleeping Baby are science-backed yet, adapted to the individual needs of each family, and always parent assisted, which means you’ll be helping your child learn the skill of sleep. Sleep is a puzzle and I’m here to help you understand and put that sleep puzzle together to have Happy Sleep!

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