I met Bodil, the creator of Magpodden and professional photographer, at UnderBara Barn, Sweden’s largest child fair.  Her booth was beautiful and filled with pictures of sleeping babies.  She stopped by my booth and we started talking about several different topics from sleeping baby pictures to our commonalities, such as her husband being American!  We really seemed to hit it off and soon after the fair we got together for lunch.

Along with many of Bodil’s talents is her passion to connect with people and it shows in her podcast, Magpodden ( Not exactly sure how to translate this but it’s ‘The Belly Podcast’).  In our interview (which starts in Swedish but then goes to English!) we talk about becoming a mom and particularly how I became a child sleep specialist.  It’s a journey that I’m sure you’ll find some similarities with having a newborn and becoming a first time mom.

Click below to hear the podcast and happy listening!

Learn more about Bodil’s photography and The Exclusive Baby Shower  event that she has arranged for mamas!

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