If your baby or child is not sleeping well it can take a toll on the whole family.  Anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger can arise because the whole family isn’t sleeping well.  If this is the case for you and your family, then you need The Happy Sleep Plan!  But what is The Happy Sleep Plan?

The Happy Sleep Plan is a customized ten-day, five component plan for your child and family to learn healthy, happy routines for successful nights and naps.  This plan gives you the means to develop healthy sleep habits for your child.  This isn’t just a solution for their childhood; it is providing them healthy sleep habits for life.  This process also provides you with more knowledge about your child and how to be a better parent.

By answering a questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and daytime activities, I will design an ideal schedule and bedtime routine that we will adjust along the journey to happy sleep.  In the Personalized Happy Sleep Plan we will develop a custom schedule, have a 90 minute discussion about the plan and answer questions, you will receive one-on-one support through the first evening of the program,  follow-up email support, phone support, a private parent group if you have questions following the program, and most importantly you will receive personalized encouragement and guidance throughout the program to ensure results.  This plan works because I provide the guidance and answer questions for you when you are unsure about what to do!  Everyone can read a book about sleep, but it’s receiving the guidance that makes the changes successful and saves you time and energy  with figuring out how to implement the strategy and if you are doing it correctly.

The best part about The Happy Sleep Plan is the experience and knowledge you gain with helping your child sleep better!  This isn’t a ten-day program and then it’s over.  This is a skill set for life that you are developing for your child!  They will be happier, healthier children from getting the proper amount of sleep each day and night.  Once your child is rested they will have less irritability and mood swings.  They will be a happier child and you will be a happier parent!

Make sleep a priority for your family because it is vital to growth, development, and our moods!

Then we can all feel this happy!

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