I’ve been in a tired mom’s slippers.  I understand the frustration about conflicting advice in baby books, especially about sleep.  Before I had my daughter, I thought babies slept when they were tired.  I heard from several friends about how much their baby slept in the newborn stage; going off of these comments I planned to continue MBA classes two months after her birth figuring that I had plenty of time to read while she slept!  Oh boy was I wrong!  My baby RARELY slept.  And never wanted to be put down.  Gone were the days of my envisioned pleasant time with my newborn.  Instead it was filled with walking, rocking, more walking, and more rocking, and lots of crying.  At about two months old I started asking friends for advice and what books to read.  It seemed simple enough.  Create a schedule and stick to it.  But that didn’t work at all.  Nothing worked that I was trying and that’s why only reading books isn’t enough sometimes.

It turned out that part of the problem was a milk protein allergy and once that was settled things started to get much better.  Except that she didn’t know what a bed was or how to go to sleep without rocking, nursing, or walking.  It would take up to an hour for her to fall asleep and she slept for less than the time it took to get her to sleep.  I realized I needed help beyond what I was reading.  That’s when I found a daytime and night time routine that fit us and then things changed.  I knew this was a solution for many other parents as well and decided to get certified as a sleep consultant.

I’ve read 12 books, numerous articles on line, and case studies about sleep for my sleep training certification.  Many have different takes on how to help babies sleep.  But the main point of the different approaches is that they are different for a reason.  Not all babies are the same and the same approach won’t work for all babies or parenting styles.

It can be extremely frustrating when a mom is sleep deprived and needs help but doesn’t know what advice to follow.  That’s when many seek the help of someone to tell them what needs to be done.  That’s why there are sleep consultants.  We teach the parents the correct methods that will work for their child and their parenting style.  For some babies and parents it only requires pinpointing small parts of the routine that needs to change.  For others it is a longer process.  As a sleep consultant, I know that The Happy Sleep Plan, along with my personalized coaching works.  I also know how to ask the right questions to tailor a Happy Sleep Plan to the child’s temperament and parent’s frayed nerves.  Why would you use a Happy Sleep Plan instead of trying to implement a program by yourself?  I save you time and many more sleepless nights of trying to figure out what will work for your child.

Contact me to customize a Happy Sleep Plan for your family!  It’s that simple!  We’ll talk about how to tailor a sleep schedule for your child and how to begin!

Click here to schedule a 15 minute consult or email me at Courtney@LivingHealthyHappy.com

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