Hi, I’m Courtney Landin.  I became a certified infant and child sleep specialist because I learned first-hand why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique.  I know it sounds funny, but it wasn’t at the time and if you are experiencing it, you know what I mean.  Throughout my training I have learned that sleep is extremely important for our bodies, brains, and emotions.  I am passionate about helping other families with their sleep issues because there is a solution!  My one-on-one coaching, customized sleep plan, and continued support will help your family get the rest and happiness you deserve.

I am committed to helping other people find balance in life.  With my experience and education, I can assist you and your family with daily life, healthy eating, and happy sleep!   I will save you time with trying to find the right method, schedule, routines, and countless hours of reading and questioning what you are trying to do.  Through personal experience and numerous hours of studying, I have found a method that works wonders for babies and children to achieve happy sleep!

Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to assess your child’s sleep needs!  For a sleep consultation we will discuss your child’s sleep history, your main concerns, and a method on how to begin working on a solution.  For a nutrition consult we will discuss your nutrition goals, areas for change, and steps on how to continue with a program.

Learn more about me here and I hope I get the opportunity to work with your family!


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